Metal Appearing Cane

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In the course of magic performing, the magician’s thinking, actions and speeches must be integrated seamlessly to lead to a wonderful performance. This is performance would bring a great sense of accomplishment to the magician and joy to his audiences. Dear customers, thank you for Purchasing this product, and before performance please read the manual carefully and practice it hardly. Hence, you would be close to the title of a great magician, and become the focus and idol among your friends!


  • This cane made from metal, so this cane will appear in the blink of an eye!
  • This cane has one- touch-opening system.(Recoil-Stopper). It makes easier to use!
  • Professional Quality, Light-Weight , Fast Silent Operation, Safe Operation Oil Not Required
  • Harmless To Silks, High-gloss Block finish is extremely durable and long lasting! Silk not included. Mahka Appearing Cane (Silver) Metal.


Included in the Package:

> 1 x Magic Wand